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How to prepare for your holiday?

How to prepare for your holiday?

Whether you’ve managed to grab a flight to somewhere on the green list or opted for a staycation it can be worthwhile to plan your pre-holiday beauty appointments, the night before emergency fake tan in the bathroom is a stressful way to start your much anticipated holiday!

Here are my top tips to leave you feeling relaxed and revived for your trip.

  1. Body exfoliation

A couple of weeks before you go away buff away dull skin cells with a body exfoliation product followed by a good nourishing moisturiser. This will ensure your skin is glowing and radiant in your summer clothes.

  1. Hair removal

Consider your wax appointment timing, booking this as close to your holiday departure day is ideal but if you are planning a spray tan or fake tan the wax appointment will need to be scheduled earlier. Waxing is a great hair removal service as the hairs are removed from the follicle leaving you smooth and hair free for weeks, however if you are new to waxing you may need a couple of services before your holiday due to hair growth cycles. Also discuss the bikini wax service with your therapist, some swimwear has a higher cut and may require a different bikini wax service to your usual.

  1. Lashes and brows

Lash tinting is fantastic for a holiday as you do not need mascara, one less thing to pack and worry about. Lash lifting and tinting is also a good option, your natural lashes are lifted, set and tinted to give the look of longer lashes. If you have lash extensions, ensure your maintenance service is booked for the week before you go to ensure no gaps whilst you are away.

Brows can lighten when in the sun and if you are having a lash tint adding a brow tint at the same time will finish the look nicely.

Tinting, lifting and extension services require sensitivity tests so ensure you speak with your therapist to book a test and the service before you depart. Again, if you are planning a spray tan this will need a separate appointment to allow the skin to recover.


  1. Spray tan

Spray tan services will give you a lovely colour without the damage from UV rays and covers the pale white legs from winter! Many salons offer all over tans, top half or legs only, so you can tailor your tan to your needs. Tan colours vary for different skin types and remember the ‘orange’ colour is the guide for the therapist not the colour of your tan. The tanning product needs to be washed off after a required activation time, some are rapid and some take 24hours so ensure you wear dark loose-fitting clothing to your appointment and schedule the appointment a couple of days before departure.

  1. Nails

Holidays are a great time to have your fingernails painted as there is less risk of chipping from daily tasks, if you are still concerned about chipping a nail opt for a gel polish which is harder wearing and more chip resistant. Holidays are also an opportunity to try brighter colours and have fun with your nails. Booking for a full manicure will ensure your hands show off your newly painted nails and if you spend a lot of time at a computer it’s a great way to have lower arm and wrist tension eased starting your holiday relaxation.

Let’s not forget your feet, now if you read my article in Junes edition you’re feet will be looking amazing and feeling super soft, but if June has passed you by book a pedicure with your manicure service. Your feet will be buffed, moisturised and relaxed, with painted toenails ready to strut in summery sandals or walk barefoot in the sand.


  1. Face masque

A final tip from me, I always pack a hydrating face masque for a mid-holiday treat. We have more time on holiday to lie back and relax to enjoy the benefits of the masque and if you’ve been out in the sun, in the pool or sea your skin will thank you for a super hydrating masque.


Last but not least remember your SPF and to apply regularly, relax and enjoy your holiday.  

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