LED Phototherapy LED Phototherapy

What is Dermalux® LED Phototherapy?

Dermalux® are award winning World leaders in LED Phototherapy, I use their Flex
MD device which is medically CE certified and FDA approved to provide unrivaled
clinically proven results in treating Acne, Psoriasis and wound healing. Featured
regularly in the press for its outstanding results.

Dermalux LED Phototherapy is non invasive, using clinically proven wavelengths to trigger
cell responses in your skin, to heal, repair and rejuvenate your skin. LED phototherapy can
be used to improve Acne, congested skin, blemish prone skin, Psoriasis, inflammation,
redness, sensitivity, Rosacea, scarring and signs of ageing.

A course of treatments are required for corrective results followed by regular maintenance
treatments for long lasting results. Dermalux LED Phototherapy can be used in conjunction
with other advanced facials to furthe enhance the results.

LED Phototherapy Treatments:

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy Facial


Clinically proven to improve ageing skin and aid skin rejuvenation. As well as improving acne, pigmentation, redness, flushing, and sensitive skin whilst promoting skin healing. 

Dermalux® LED Phototherapy add on to a Facial


15min add on to a Microdermabrasion or MediMD advanced facial to further enhance the facial results. 

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LED Phototherapy
LED Phototherapy

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